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Changes to 10 Barrel Brewing


I am not going to lie, I was a bit shocked when I first read about this news. But now that it has sunk in, I am quite excited about the changes going on with 10 Barrel. Our favorite local’s night and happy hour at Bend Brewing Company (BBC), is about to go through some major changes as well , and this was probably the most surprising part to me. 10 Barrel has hired some new Brewmasters, and one of them is Tonya Cornett, currently Head Brewmaster at BBC. This change for Tonya, will formally take place mid-summer 2011 by the sounds of it. 10 Barrel also hired longtime Deschutes brewer, Jimmy Seifert, to assume the brewmaster duties at 10 Barrel. Seifert has just started this month. So we are excited to taste some new beers from 10 Barrel and know that we will keep you updated on what we like.

To read more about these changes, visit The Source Weekly’s Article, or Hack Bend’s Blog for more information.

Congratulations to Tonya, Jimmy and to 10 Barrel Brewing!


I think it is ridiculous that that the 4 owners of ten barrel didn’t even put in the time like all the other local breweries and just have the money to sling their half ass beer to all the bars in town. Then to make matters worse they buy the best brewers in town to try and make a decent beer. DOWN WITH TEN BARREL!!!!!

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I was not a fan of most of their beers when they first started. The Apocolypse and Sinister are good beers, but the rest were kind of bland.

We kept going back because of the fire pit, the awesome garage door seating, and the food is pretty good. I see your concern, but regardless I think they have the right to do business just as any other brewery… and it looks like they are doing it well.

With the acquisition of Cornett and Seifart I think 10 Barrel is going to be great for the local scene. It’s obvious they intend on improving their beers… and I bet it hasn’t been a terribly easy road for them.

We appreciate your comment and voiced concern for the beer scene here in Bend. Please feel free to check out and comment upon some of our other posts on breweries you prefer.

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I’m the wife of one of the partners, and I must say that those boys have put their time in for 5 years now and still are. My husband and his brother started Wildfire Brewing Co. back in 2006 from the booths at JC’s and look where it is today. And I must say that we don’t have $ that we just ‘sling’ around – that is just absord. Those boys have put in more time than you’ll ever know – so don’t knock them for being successful and loving what they do. And lastly – we want a successful business, so of course we want the best of the best. I’m very sorry to hear you aren’t happy with 10 Barrel.

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