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Changes to 10 Barrel Brewing


Category : Blog

I am not going to lie, I was a bit shocked when I first read about this news. But now that it has sunk in, I am quite excited about the changes going on with 10 Barrel. Our favorite local’s night and happy hour at Bend Brewing Company (BBC), is about to go through some major changes as well , and this was probably the most surprising part to me. 10 Barrel has hired some new Brewmasters, and one of them is Tonya Cornett, currently Head Brewmaster at BBC. This change for Tonya, will formally take place mid-summer 2011 by the sounds of it. 10 Barrel also hired longtime Deschutes brewer, Jimmy Seifert, to assume the brewmaster duties at 10 Barrel. Seifert has just started this month. So we are excited to taste some new beers from 10 Barrel and know that we will keep you updated on what we like.

To read more about these changes, visit The Source Weekly’s Article, or Hack Bend’s Blog for more information.

Congratulations to Tonya, Jimmy and to 10 Barrel Brewing!