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Spring Reign – Ninkasi – Eugene Oregon


Category : Beer Reviews

This was our first tasting experience with friends. We have been planning on doing something like this and finally got a chance to get a small group of friends together and rate beer. Again, we grabbed this beer at Newport Market in Bend, OR. While we were there Ninkasi was also in the building giving out samples of Spring Reign, Total domination, and Tricerahops. The guy running the booth was jamming to some oldies and having a great time pouring us a few. After that scene it was given that the night would be a Ninkasi night so we grabbed three of the Ninkasi labels and headed to the house.

Cali has recently been talking about her growing like for Ninkasi over her long time favorite Rogue. She loves the events (Last Band Standing, etc.), and promotions that Ninkasi are doing all over Oregon. That along with the good beer has really amped her excitement for the brewery.

Nothing is better for movie night than a couple of beers. We all sipped this one out of a pint glass. Our guest, Eric and Anne, are not beer tasting experts either and all ratings are just for fun. Besides, everything is subjective anyway so what’s good to you may not be for someone else. Hey, art is art…

Thanks again to Eric and Anne for the great time! Glad we stopped at two beers because I needed all my wits for Shutter Island. Great beer and great movie!

First check out the specs:

Ninkasi - Spring Reign
Style: American Blonde Ale 


Malts: ???


Yeast & Water: ???


  • Established 2009
  • 38 IBU
  • Starting Gravity: 1052
  • ABV: 6%
  • Available: Seasonally in 22oz. Bottles and on Draft