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Lovely Cherry Baltic Porter – Bend Brewing Company


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Lovely Cherry Baltic Porter – Bend Brewing Company

Category : Beer, Beer Reviews, Imperial Baltic Porter

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The Cherry Baltic Porter is no stranger in my house.  I have a had a pretty good relationship with this beer for a few years now.  It’s a shame I haven’t reviewed this one until now, but that’s the way the beer pours sometimes.

This beer just makes me warm looking at the bottle.  It has a dark cherry red label with a lovely lady that stares into your heart. Yeah, your heart! Because, I love this one.

No, this is not the beer I am taking camping, this is not the beer next to me at the pool, and no this is not the beer I like to sip on at lunch.  This is the beer I like to savor until Friday night with a good movie and a bucket of popcorn.  This beer makes me want to take sloooooow sips, and enjoy the moment.

Check out the specs:


Style: Imperial Baltic Porter

Ingredients: (From the Bottle) 

This Imperial Porter was aged with montmorency cherries to create a beer rich enough to be served as dessert.  It’s aroma is a complex combination of alcohol, dried fruits, and milk chocolate.  Its flavor is reminiscent of a chocolate cherry cordial.  It ends with a cherry tartness laced with cinammon graham cracker spiciness.


  • 9.8% ABV
  • 30 IBU


  • 2013 GABF Gold medal winner

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  1. auz1111 07-26-2015 Recent Favorite:


    The body is very dark with red and brown tones. When the light hits the top of the glass it's like a reddish golden halo of joy!


    Malty cherry notes fill my nose, but not over-powering. I can tell this one has a little bit of alcohol.


    The malty sniff was very telling, but the cherry comes through with a satisfying delicate pulse. A little tart on the aftermath. Surprisingly strong for how sweet this one is.


    The alcohol is far from faint, but it plays out well with the velvety cherry fullness. It goes down smooth for sure.

    Last Sip/Drinkability:

    BBC has created a great one here. The cherry is not too sweet, and the malty mouthfeel lets you know this is no beer for little boys... or girls! Quite lovely.

    Final Rating:4

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Lovely Cherry Baltic Porter – Bend Brewing Company